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E-learning academics and practice

In a few words…

Learning & Knowledge Management Specialist @ IDB
E-Learning Consultant

Innovative and driven professional with 22+ years of experience in adult learning, and 14+ years experience in the leadership, management, administration, delivery, and development of distance education programs, with extensive experience in e-learning systems and methodologies, including MOOCs, international initiatives and partnerships. Various experiences in the areas of higher education, corporate training, assessment and program evaluation. Highly respected by colleagues; committed to quality and growth in the workplace.

Solid technical background with e-learning expertise gained through ongoing job experience and a theoretical foundation through formal study in distance education. Strong higher education administration background working with traditional and non-traditional students. Significant credentials with research experience in both computer science and distance education. Holds a doctorate in Informatics, and two masters degrees in Informatics and Distance Education

Specialties: E-learning; Learning Technologies; Education administration; Education Management; Distance Education; Assessment and evaluation in and of online learning; Technology in education and E-learning.


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  C.L. Eddins (@cleidwork) wrote @

Hi Stella,
It was a pleasure meeting you last week in the Lou! I hope you enjoyed the conference!



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