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Publications from my other life

Here is a nice sample of my publications in my previous life as a Computer Scientist…

  • S.C. Porto, J.P. Kitajima and C.C. Ribeiro, “Performance Evaluation of a Parallel Tabu Search Task Scheduling Algorithm”, Parallel Computing 26 (2000), 73-90. (postscript)
  • N. Maculan, S.C. Porto, C.C. Ribeiro and C.C. de Souza, “A New Formulation for Scheduling Unrelated Processors under Precedence Constraints”, RAIRO Recherche Opérationnelle 33 (1999), 87-90. (postscript)
  • S.C. Porto and C.C. Ribeiro, “A Case Study on Parallel Synchronous Implementations of Tabu Search Based on Neighborhood Decomposition”, Investigación Operativa 5 (1996), 233-259. (postscript)
  • S.C. Porto and C.C. Ribeiro, “Parallel Tabu Search Message-Passing Synchronous Strategies for Task Scheduling under Precedence Constraints”, Journal of Heuristics 1 (1995), 207-223. (postscript)
  • S.C. Porto and C.C. Ribeiro, “A Tabu Search Approach to Task Scheduling on Heterogeneous Processors under Precedence Constraints”, International Journal of High Speed Computing 7 (1995), 45-71. (postscript)
  • J.P. Kitajima and S.C. Porto, “Using Synthetic Workloads for Parallel Task Scheduling”, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1573, Vector and Parallel Processing Third International Conference, Portugal, 1998. (proceedings transformed into a book).

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