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I relocated to the US on October 13, 2000. My husband had already been here for a month, and I came with the children and our nanny. We lived for the first year in Silver Spring, MD, very close to UMUC. I can’t recall exactly, but I started my saga of sending out CVs and going for job interviews VERY early on, something that now looking back I strongly regret. I gave no time to myself and to the usual adaptation that one needs to get settled, especially with two very small children (Bernardo was almost 3 years old and Gustavo almost one). The presence of our nanny did ease some of the household work, which gave me time to search the Internet and start sending my resume. In any event, she also needed to get adapted, considering that she spoke no English, and had never been away from her family. However, judging things after they have passed is always somewhat unfair. Our fears have changed and we have changed… At the time, my extreme worry was that I would not find a job, and I knew that I could never become a stay-home-mom. In fact, at the time, I didn’t even know what that word meant… That was certainly not the case. I was interviewed at UMUC on November 1st, 2000. That interview for a position as a ‘professor of practice’ (12-mont appointment) went well, despite my complete inexperience with the interview process.


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