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Personal Acknowledgments

During these almost 7 years, in which I worked towards the MDE degree, many people were instrumental directly and indirectly in sustaining my motivation and supporting the everyday juggling of family, work and school. I’d like to explicitly mention some of these people in a special way, as I finish this long endeavor.

First and far most is my sweet and lovely husband – Wayne. He was the stronghold of all the difficult and stressful times. He was always the warm smile through all the happy moments and achievements. He was the main support when I just needed extra time… He has been part of my life in most of its memorable moments, and this one just adds to our loving story together.

Bernardo and Gustavo have seen their mother studying for most of their lives now. I hope I will serve as inspiration to them in the future. They have learned to love this busy mother, and their hugs and smiles have always been a place that I come to for confidence and unconditional love.

Family and friends in Brazil were always key in so many ways: for the love and caring they provided through my life and also their close contact despite the distance after relocation.

Christine and Claudia, my “Anam Caras”… Despite the distance, our long conversations (via email or phone) always remind me that there are these special some ones who can understand and even share my complexities and idiosyncrasies.

Heloisa with her partnership in work and lazy lunches… We have built such a winning team so many times! Every time we work together, trust and pleasure have always made projects feel like hobbies.

Lisa, Jane, Gila, Anne and Dianne, strong women in the MDE… They have been sources of inspiration, companionship and loving care, for feminine jokes, revelations, losses, shared happiness and irritations. It’s just plain good to have all of them around.

Debra and Chris Mitchell, my dear neighbors from the Kentlands, filled many of our Friday and Saturday evenings with laughter and wine. They were testimonies of struggles and achievements with words of motivation and enthusiasm. They did make everyday life lighter… we sure miss them.

Friends at UMUC, who in many ways have supported my dedication to the life-long learning motto, and have valued my academic and professional work during this time. Some especial names are worth mentioning in this long list: Scott Wibbert, Michael Frank, Jen Thompson, Regina Massaquoi, and Fran Rogalski.

Students and alumni in the MDE worked and shared their professional and personal experiences in so many classes. They have always been an inspiration and provided me with a great sense of belonging.


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